The primary school without absence

An innovation project in the Municipality of Kalundborg with the purpose of developing and testing solutions that can reduce absence in the primary schools.

Fristelser i Øjenhøjde (Healthy Temptations at Eye Level)

This project is a collaboration between the joint municipal “Elbokøkken”, Municipality of Middelfart, Municipality of Fredericia, Municipality of Kolding, Municipality of Haderselv, University College Lillebælt, and Public Intelligence.

A new entry

In Fredericia municipality there are 51.000 citizens, of which approximately 800 citizens and their relatives are every year in contact with the healthcare service called ‘Din Indgang’ (your entrance).

Min Menu (My Menu) – Market maturement project

Public Intelligence help Movesca test and adapt their digital food ordering system to a municipal context.

eHealth City Svendborg

eHealth City Svendborg is an innovation partnership between Svendborg municipality, Odense University Hospital, University of Southern Denmark and Public Intelligence.

Inclusion with intelligent technologies

A project to give pupils with externalized behaviour the opportunity to be a part of a common learning environment.

Dignity through Technology and Digitalisation

A systematic approach to working with welfare technology and digitalization across the Senior and Social Administration in the Municipality of Kolding.

Technology at Eye Level

25 families had the possibility to choose which technologies they wanted.


A technology from the car industry to new opportunities in the health sector!