Our work

We work to create a better life for people of tomorrow

Public Intelligence is a consultancy that focuses 100% on welfare innovation. We strive towards creating unique results in a collaboration with citizens, businesses and health professionals in Danmark and England. We work toward creating a better healthcare system in the municipalities and private practices.

Our approach

We create unique results through a good method full of love and karma

We love working with people and have a strong focus on creating close relations with lots of love and karma. We can stand completely naked in the field and be super curious about public and private practice. We can also put on the nice clothes and conquer the chair of an international conference about building healthcare systems. We can also jump into the management of a private company and help with product development or sales strategy.

If you want to be met with a warmer approach than your usual consultants, stop by for a cup of coffee or tea. Who knows, maybe it will be the beginning of a joint fight for future welfare innovation.

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