eHealth City Svendborg

eHealth City Svendborg is the first eHealth City in the world, that focuses on user-driven innovation! It is a brand new initiative, taking citizen involvement to a new level in the development of health and care services for the future.

Odense University Hospital, Svendborg Municipality and Public Intelligence have come together to develop and create innovation in the health sector based on the citizens’ experiences and needs - both current and future, to ensure the highest quality in future health and wellbeing.

By focusing on specific neighbourhoods in Svendborg, we aim to put the citizen at the centre of innovation. We will focus on these citizens’ contacts and experiences with the health care system and attempt to get a better understanding of how the citizens wish to be involved in their own health. With this as our starting point, services and solutions will be identified, developed and tested in close collaboration with the citizens, health providers and companies and lastly be scaled up in Svendborg and other municipalities.

The project will initiate in October 2017.

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