eHealth City Svendborg

eHealth City Svendborg

The 1st of October 2017, the city of Svendborg, situated in Denmark, will become the world’s first user-oriented test city for health services, when eHealth City Svendborg opens. The project is a collaboration between the Municipality of Svendborg, Odense University Hospital – Svendborg and Public Intelligence.

Looking for an innovative welfare solution? We’ll give you at better bang for the buck! And this is precisely why we show up for work every day. We help create extraordinary, future-proof, innovative welfare solutions.

Some call it health innovation, others just innovation. Hairsplitting or navel-gazing isn’t our thing. Every day we cooperate with citizens, businesses, and health professionals; and what we create together is unique. We may stand in unfamiliar territory wearing nothing but a smile, curious on municipal or private practice. However, we can just as easily dress up and conquer the podium of an international conference on building health innovation systems. We can jump into boardrooms of private companies and help with product development or sales strategy.


It sounds as if we can do it all. We certainly cannot. We focus 100% on creating health- and welfare innovation in Denmark and England. We love people oozing karma and love; so, if you want to be exposed to and experience something more than your usual, average consultants, drop by for a cup of coffee or tea. Who knows, a meeting may lead to a joint battle for superior health innovation and prosperity for the future.

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