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Implementation of technology

We are good at implementing technology because we involve the people who has to use the technology that is being implemented.


technologies testet


Living labs created i DK and UK for testing


Test city i Svendborg, Denmark


Good Implementation

Good implementation is about planning, involving and especially about training. This applies regardless of whether it is about implementing a new technology, a new workflow, or a new paradigm in management. This could for instance be in the form of rehabilitation as a turning point for the way the municipality meets the citizens.

”We have a lot of focus on the citizen's resources and how to maintain them. What can we do to plan things differently in order to help them and what resources can we provide?" 

- Employee in Kolding Municipality, Denmark

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Implementation of welfare technology

The process of implementing welfare technology can be a difficult task. There are many links from the city council to home care – from political aspirations to better work flow and new ways of meeting the citizens. At the same time, the for market for welfare technology is still young, and it can be difficult to figure out what specific technologies fit the specific needs of the municipality.

Implementation of technology

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