Consulting for social and health care services

The social and health care services are working hard to deliver health and welfare for a large group of citizens each day. But the welfare system is challenged. In many areas, the economy is pressured by the elderly - a rising number of chronic diseases, with fewer and fewer hands to solve the issues that we face everyday.

This means that we have to find new ways to create the solutions for tomorrow's welfare. New ideas, new work procedures or new services need to be tested and tried before implemented and used in practice.
The implementation is carefully carried out in collaboration with the employees, to give everyone a sense of ownership and precision to master the new and improved.

We underpin all parts of the process in which a new solution undergoes. So, whether you need help to develop a strategy, produce ideas or services, test new ideas or implement solutions in practice, we can pitch in. In some cases, we help social and health care services with all four phases and some times only with one - both options are successful. 

Strategy and Goals

Together we strive for health- and welfareinnovation in your community

Creating great ideas

We mix experience with idea generation. The result is valuable ideas that can help improve health and welfare.

Test through trial actions

Bad ideas need to be sorted out as quickly as possible and good ideas need to be fully developed.


Close collaboration with health and care providers pave the way for successful implementation