Consulting for companies

It can be difficult to sell technology to social and health care services. It calls for a certain knowledge as company to understand what it means to be a manager and employee in a social and health care service company. What are their criteria for success? What are the barriers for a successful implementation? What kind of expectations does the health care services have for companies that deliver quality, service agreements and good implementation?

We often experience that companies - naturally - concentrate solely on their own product, when they walk in to a sales meeting. We have seen many sales presentations that describe the product, its technical functions and the utility. We always say: Forget your product! Show interest in the strategical challenges that lies in the lap of the management - then you explain how you and your product can be part of the solution.

If you are in need of professional back-and-forth in proportion to how to develop your social and health care service sales-strategy, organise sale promotion and implement your product successfully - we can definitely help you.

Would you like us to sell your product?

A new concept of collaboration will help the municipalities reach a better way in to the world of welfare-technology.

Marketing and Sales

We know the market and are capable of helping you identify and solve your challenges in marketing and sales

User tests

We test your product with the right user and in the right target group and create valuable insight


Together we can plan and accomplish a successful implementation of your products in the local communities