Value-based social care services

Adopting new and innovative solutions to improve the citizen value

The collaboration with Public Intelligence helped the municipality of Kolding to realise the task at hand. As a social care provider, Kolding wanted to implement assisted living technologies for citizens living on their own, while digitalising certain services. The overall aim was to improve the citizen value. This made it necessary to have an open environment, where the opinion of both the citizen and the employees, providing the services, were heard and taken into consideration before implementing new solutions and technologies. Like other social care providers in Denmark, the senior- and social care service department in Kolding needed to find new solutions due to the demographic changes in society. Citizens should be able to lead active and healthy lives and stay in their own home as long as possible.

Providing a concept for a systematic approach to working with assisted living technology and digitalisation

By using a methodology developed by Public Intelligence, a structured and systematic approach was tested and implemented in the municipality of Kolding.

The focus of the methodology is to ask, what the citizen wants – and in collaboration with the employees and municipality – create the best solutions. This user-driven approach combines methods to first identify the problems, then find possible solutions and implementing them in large-scale tests in close cooperation with the users.

Today, the municipality of Kolding is working on several solutions paving the way to improve the citizen value, while at the same time catering for the demanding pressures of delivering better services for less.

See the Methodology here