eHealth in England

Since 2016, Public Intelligence has worked with health innovation in England. We were asked to provide inspiration and insight to one of several national test environments; A Living Lab in Guildford at Surrey University. This was provided to the project in the form of our User-Driven Health Innovation Methodology. In short, it is all about placing the citizen in the centre of innovation!

Read more about the project TIHM here

In addition, Public Intelligence is working with Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) and selected partners in order to extend the Methodology to other sites in England. 

In close collaboration with KSS AHSN and Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Public Intelligence is involved in two areas that will create an even better service for citizens; End of Life and Alcohol Dependence. 

The Methodology for User Driven Health Innovation will be tested and implemented in these two areas. The project is lead by Des Holden, Medical Director of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and KSS AHSN. We are proud to work with him and be included in the project, where users have a say in the development of new services.

Leach Court is a retirement housing placed in Brighton. Together with Brighton University, they are in the process of establishing a Health Innovation Centre. Public Intelligence has a role in the project as a strategic advisory support and our model of innovation will be supporting this transformation.

The project is according to us on of the most ambitious user-driven projects in England and we are proud to be working together with Dr Theo Fotis and Dr Anand Sundaralingam.

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