Better Food for the Elderly

How can we provide healthy and nutritional food as a Meals-on-Wheels concept to citizens receiving food services in their own home? For the next three years (2017-2020), this will be the focus of a project that develops and creates new meal solutions and hopefully encourages the citizen more as they eat the food provided. The project is funded by the Ministry of Health and the program “Better Food for the Elderly in their own homes” and will be carried out in collaboration with Public Intelligence, University College Lillebælt, the municipalities of Middelfart, Fredericia, Kolding, and Haderslev and “Elbo-køkkenet” who delivers meals to the citizens of the four municipalities mentioned above.

The project was launched in September 2017. In the first phase, the aim is to obtain insights on the challenges of the current practice and food, whilst uncovering what the needs and desires are for future food services. This first phase is managed by Public Intelligence, where service designers are sent into the field and through surveys and interviews, learns the wishes and insights of the citizens. Following the insight phase an ideation process will take place and prototypes will be developed and tested together with the citizens. Finally, the tested concepts will be implemented in the participating municipalities and hopefully expand to other municipalities in the near future.