A new entrance for social care services in Fredericia

A new entrance for social care services in the municipality of Fredericia

In Denmark social care services are provided by the 98 municipalities in Denmark. In the Municipality of Fredericia, they wanted to create a new entrance to the social care services. The aim was to give the best first impression, that would make the citizens feel confident and equipped to master their own life to the greatest possible extend. This was the starting point for a process where user-driven innovation was the driving force in the creation of a new entrance to the social care services. The purpose was to create a new service, where the citizens where met by employees ready to care for their needs and the goal for the municipality was to achieve a faster and more targeted support process so that the citizens would be in need of less social services.

A concept created together

The ambition of the municipality required a new approach. That approach created a concept. We started by making interviews and analysing civil records. Based on these insights, work shops were held for the management and employees to create a new entrance for social care services in a co-creating environment.

Created value for citizens with disabilities, disorders and addiction issues

As a result of the process, we have currently created three new approaches for meeting the citizens. The concept includes a new physical meeting point, a new digital entrance and a new set of methods. The physical meeting point opened in September 2016. Since then it has been a great success and is a great benefit for both the citizens and the municipality of Fredericia.